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alt.sugar signature cookie box

  • alt.sugar signature cookie box

The keep it clean chocolate cookie.

alt.sugar signature cookie box

The perfect treat for those that wants to simply reduce their sugar intake, or wants to cater to someone with diabetes or a low carb lifestyle.

This pretty glittered up chocolate cookie is brushed with handcrafted sugar free chocolate and then decorated with candied pistachios and dried flowers. Cookies are made with a blend of very low GI natural sweetners: erythritol and stevia, almond meal, rice & tapioca flours to achieve the perfect balance and texture. No egg or vegetable gums is used in the making of these pretties.

The alt.sugar signature cookies are naturally sugar free, gluten free, soy free and egg free making them the perfect treat for those trying to keep it clean or follow a low carb lifestyle.

Cookies come heat sealed for freshness and presented ready for gifting with ribbon and a blank gift tag for your personalisation.

Only a limited number of each pack is available.

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